I do stuff, and sometimes I don't. 
Writing on adventures and exploration.

In 2017 I completed my doctoral studies and moved onto new and exciting things. A list of academic publications I have worked on can be found on my Research Gate

In 2018 I wrapped up work on a long-time project, doubleblind.org. This was a place that dealt with the scientific world in a way that was interesting to the general public and academics alike. It quickly spun up into something novel from what it began as (a way to teach others and develop my own knowledge on the subjects we studied as undergraduates) and dealt with the realities of working in an Ivory Tower.

In 2019 I began work on a new project, This Isn't The Place. It's all about the importance of getting out into the world and experiencing things. There is an introductory series that I'd encourage you to read if the idea appeals to you. It is great to engage with readers, so please comment and tell me what you do and don't like about it. 

Finally, if you have a burning desire to contact me, you can do so via Ash [at] doubleblind.org.